DTC members sprint into the new Triathlon season!

In the few short weeks since the start of the season, we've seen an impressive performance from our members! 

As the triathlon season started in ernest, we're delighted that a number of our members took the plunge and entered into their first traithlons. The nerves were inevitably present before the start, however, they each took their respective races in their strides and completed them with smiles on their faces! (Some even mooted the idea of entering their next one....) Triathlon might be an individual race, but it's not an individual sport and the encouragement and advice from our more seasoned members as well as the support from the  DTC unofficial cheersquad was the embodiment of what our club is about. 
As well as those taking on their first triathlons, DTC has been very well represented at recent events with several members adding to their triathlon tally. 

In addition to the triathlons, we've seen members participating in the Amstel Standing Tour de Retford, we've had one member celebrating their 100th ParkRun, there have been ParkRun PBs and we've also seen three of our members conquer the Mallorca 312 Sportive! 

It's been an exciting and enthusiastic start to the season and we can't wait to see what's still to come! 

"It's always great to see our members taking on events, especially if it's their first triathlon experience. As coaches, it's important to us that our members feel they have received the right level of training and support before participating in an event, so to see so many of our members taking on events recently is testament to that process. To see the smiles and their personal achievements as they cross the finish line and to feel the collective support from all the members along the course really creates a sense of pride in what we have at the club."