About the Club

Our Aims and Objectives

Doncaster Triathlon Club was formed in 2014 to offer triathlon coaching in a friendly, supportive, inclusive and safe environment. Our goal is to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle within our local community through an accessible format for all ages. 

Our club is aligned to the objectives of British Triathlon and we remain committed to providing the best environment to achieving these objectives at all times. To this end, we have agreed and defined guidelines to cover governance, safeguarding, equality & diversity and health & safety. 
If you would like to see a copy of our constitution or any of our policies, please contact a member of our committee. 

Accredited Coaches 

Doncaster Triathlon Club is committed to providing the highest standard of coaching to its members and as such, all of our coaches are British Triathlon accredited and approved. This ensures our coaches are qualified, experienced and insured to deliver triathlon training with the right programme to support you to achieve your personal goals. 

Accredited Activators

Doncaster Triathlon Club has several Activators within our Coaching Team who act as 'Coach Support' to enhance the safety and enjoyment of training opportunities for participants. 

TriMark Club Bronze

Doncaster Triathlon Club is proud to have achieved the British Triathlon TriMark Bronze accreditation in recognition of the safe, rewarding and inclusive environment it provides for its members. The TriMark is awarded to clubs that are well managed and who have adopted and follow all of British Triathlon's procedures, policies and guidelines.