DTC celebrates 10 years with Olympic Triathlete

Doncaster Triathlon Club marked a decade of achievement with an evening of celebration held at Castle Park. Attended by current members, past members, friends and avid supporters of the club, the night was filled with reminiscence, camaraderie, and inspiration.

A major highlight of the evening was an after-dinner speech delivered by renowned Olympic traithlete Non Stanford MBE. With honesty, emotion and pride, Non shared insights from her illustrious career whilst impressing upon all attendees that doing something for the love of it is far more important than being good at it - it's about taking positive life experiences, whatever your level. Sharing her highs, lows, ambitions, achievements and passion for the sport, everyone was left truly inspired and motivated. Attendees were also treated to some further insights when Non opened the floor to a Q&A session. 

As the evening unfolded, conversations buzzed with nostalgia as members reminisced about the club's journey over the past ten years. From humble beginnings to notable achievements, the sense of pride in the club's evolution was palpable among all present.

"It's incredible to see how far we've come since the inception of the club," remarked one long-standing member. "From our first tentative strokes in the water to crossing finish lines and podiums, the journey has been nothing short of remarkable."

The celebration wasn't just about looking back; it also served as a testament to the club's bright future. With a passionate community of athletes and supporters, Doncaster Triathlon Club is poised to continue its legacy of excellence for years to come.

Reflecting on the event, Karen Brocklebank-Lambert, DTC Chair expressed her gratitude to all who have contributed to the club's success. "Tonight's celebration is a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved in Doncaster Triathlon Club, past and present. Here's to another decade of pushing boundaries, achieving milestones, and inspiring each other to reach new heights."

Doncaster Triathlon Club's 10th birthday celebration was not just an excuse for a party, this major milestone is also a testament to the power of community and the enduring spirit of athleticism.